"It is exciting! It is spirit-filled! And it is an awful lot of fun to listen to John Edmonds' Gospel Truth!"

Della Reese



"You could say that John Edmonds is the archangel of music evangelism. He and his Gospel Truth troupe pack more enthusiasm and emotion into their performances than any audience has the right to expect."

Brenda K. White

Columnist/The Entertainer


"Never before have I witnessed so much spirit, love and encouragement for participation from any guest evangelist or singer at our church. Furthermore, his vocal technique, range and improvisational skills on the ivory keys would impress anyone with an interest in the study of both voice and piano."

Michael T. Jansen



"I enthusiastically recommend John Edmonds for any venue to hear his wonderful uplifting voice delivering words of inspiration and joy."

Jan Nickols

Community Services Manager

Public Library System

Clearwater, Florida


"Thank you for your voice."

Dr. Randall Presswood

Director Performing Arts

Facilities and Programming

Bloomsburg University

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania